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The Centre’s research activities are steeped into interdisciplinarity and geared towards a true, dynamic cooperation among its members. To this end, every two years the Centre selects a broad issue which is to run through all its activities.

For the academic years 2013 to 2015, the issue of “mobility” has been selected, with reference to people’s movements, the circulation of ideas and goods across Africa and from Africa to the world.

Despite outstanding political and social turmoil throughout severalof its regions, Africa has been experiencing an increasing dynamism for several years, resulting in a fairly diffused economic growth. The latter, matched by wider visibility for Africa’s cultures, societies and economies worldwide, is positively impacting on the role and image of Africa on the international scene.

Thus, all research activities promoted by our Centre encourage the exploration of the many facets of Africa’s mobility, with the ultimate goal of drawing a rich and pluralistic picture of Africa.